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Thanks for visiting the site of the Georgetown Club of North Texas' Sports Page. Here's where you will find more news and information that you'll ever need to know about the Hoyas, along with links to other sites on college football and basketball.

Although Georgetown's basketball teams are well known, many are unaware of its football program. In fact, Georgetown not only plays at the Division I level, but has a gridiron tradition dating to 1874. Georgetown is one of only a handful of schools that has competed at five different levels of play since its first varsity season in 1887:

  • NCAA Division I 1887-1950
  • Club Football 1964-1969
  • NCAA Division II 1970-1972
  • NCAA Division III 1973-1992
  • NCAA Division I-AA 1993-Present

Today, Georgetown is a Division I-AA program. A member of the Big East conference, the Hoyas compete as a a football-only member of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC). All football scholarship aid within the MAAC is need-based.

Choose from the following items to learn more about the Hoyas in 1996:

General Information

  • Introduction To Georgetown
  • This Week's Results
  • Football Coaching Staff
  • 1995 Season In Review
  • 1996 Outlook
  • 1996 Roster
  • 1996 Opponents and Results
  • 1997 and 1998 Schedules

Links to Other Football Sites

  • NCAA Home Page
  • The College Football Hall of Fame
  • Division I-AA Statistics Page
  • MAAC Links
  • Big East Links (Coming Soon)
  • USA TODAY's Georgetown Football Page
  • The Official GU Football Page
  • Our Men's Basketball Page (Coming In Nov.)
  • The Official Men's Basketball Page
  • The Official Women's Basketball Page

Additional Sports Sources

  • Washington Post
  • ESPN SportsZone
  • The Sports Network
  • Our Bulletin Board/Post Comments

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The Georgetown Gridiron Club

If you'd like to become more involved in supporting Hoya Football, consider the Georgetown Gridiron Club.The Gridiron Club is a group of alumni, parents, and friends whose financial support helps meet unbudgeted team needs and expenses for intercollegiate football at Georgetown University. The program has made great strides in recent years with the help of Gridiron Club donors, but more is needed for Georgetown to continue its development at the I-AA level. For the first time, the Gridiron Club will be hosting events at every Hoya game this fall, home and away. To get the schedule of events and to get more information, link to the Georgetown page on USA Today under "Alumni News".

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